Maintenance Kit

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Add Ons

Which tub is right 
For you?

  • Sizes and specs of each tub

Human volume calculator

Drops into tub to show a simulation of 
how it’ll look/feel

  • Footprint calculator
  • Plumbing requirements installed w/ floor drain
  • Outdoor vs indoor

What’s included?

  • Cold Springs Unit
  • Insulated cover
  • Maintenance kit
  • Free curbside delivery


What is a cold plunge?

Why should I choose a cold plunge?

What makes your cold plunge different from traditional ice baths?

What sizes do your cold plunges come in?

Can I customize my cold plunge?

How do I maintain the water temperature in the cold plunge?

What are the installation requirements for a cold plunge?

Do you offer warranty and customer support?

How can I purchase a cold plunge?

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